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It is an outgrowth of the Ruby on Rails web application framework, but it is also used to deploy web applications written using other languages, for example, PHP.

Capistrano is implemented primarily for use on the UNIX shell command line.

As a result, we have moved the use of VMware from our development labs to our production systems and data-centers.

Since the 2010’s we are formally a VMware partner providing VMware Cloud solutions.

[add] writing './Capfile' [add] making directory './config' [add] writing './config/deploy.rb' [done] capified!

New Push started using VMware technologies from its inception in 1999.If your script is long and complicated, offer it for download along with MD5 and SHA1 signatures of the file, then encourage your users to check both before running the script.Better yet, PGP sign it and encourage your users to verify the signature.At the time the first dot com boom was just heating up.Many virtualization technologies were emerging for the Intel platform.

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