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TNG: Given the seemingly endless number of “indie” artist in existence today, how do you think you set yourself apart from the crowd?DD: I don’t pay very much attention to ‘the crowd,” not because I’m aloof but because I’m usually scrambling to keep my own shit together.He’s earned and re-­‐earned his reputation as a thoughtful artist with an unstoppable live show.(When he calls “both hands up-­‐-­‐now both feet up” rooms around the world have felt their floorboards flex as the entire crowd goes airborne.) To create More Than Ever, Sims enlisted the unrelenting and adventurous production of Lazerbeak, Paper Tiger, and ICETEP.DD: As a member of a privileged majority, I think it can be a challenge to behave conscientiously without behaving self-righteously. It’s harder to comment on the offensive behavior in a way that’s compassionate — that might even stand a chance of changing the ideas at the root of the trespass. DD: I’d say Natalie Portman, but I think I’d feel like an oaf around her.She’s got a dollish quality that would just make me feel oversized.In high school, he made friends with the classmates that would eventually become his cohorts in Doomtree—the seven-­‐member rap collective now responsible for some of this era’s most interesting, genre-­‐defying releases.Over the past decade Sims has released a host of projects, both as a solo artist (Lights Out Paris, Bad Time Zoo, Wild Life EP, Field Notes) and as a member of Doomtree (No Kings, All Hands, and many others.) He’s toured the world from Pittsburgh to Prague, playing festivals like Glastonbury, Riot Fest, and SXSW.

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They are co-ed and multiracial, and they eschew BMX bikes for what looks like something I bought off Craigslist to pick up my farm share. (I liked him in spite of that last one.) TNG: What is your least favorite stereotype about straight people?

Initially drawn to their raw aesthetics and unique sound, Dessa forged a friendship with Doomtree.

Soon after, she was asked to join the crew and did so.

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