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The luggage that you bring with you when you arrive in the UAE is duty-free.

There are several regulations you should keep in mind, however, about the amount of certain items you may bring with you, as well as items that are restricted or even completely prohibited.

These are usually signified by the presence of street lighting, lit or unlit, in a built up area as described in the Highway Code.

If you choose to do this, you will automatically be issued with a court summons in which you can detail any mitigating circumstances that you wish the Magistrates to consider.

You will have the opportunity to explain in writing without having to attend the court.

If you will be flying into Dubai International Airport, the Dubai Customs website has more information on the procedure for declaring the items listed above at the airport.

Bringing some items with you to the UAE is restricted, including: Items in this list must be approved by the responsible ministry before they can be brought into the country. Trying to import any of these, either on your person or in your cargo shipment, could result in fines and/or imprisonment.

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