Good girl dating a bad boy

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Woman , in general , does not like nerds ( there are exceptions too ). Nerds, in general , less aggressive than other males . During most of this time , human history was full of violence . Compare this 200 years to million years of evolution .Not all the guys I dated fit into this "bad boy" category, but the older I got and the closer I came to actually marrying anyone, the further I deviated from my ideal man.I was brought up in a fairly conservative Christian home, where my parents were happily married.We all deserve happy, functional relationships—but in order to do that, we need to bid adieu to bad boys. Bad boys have a tendency to make us into bad girls Whenever we date a new guy, it's only natural to try and take an interest in what he likes to do.If you're dating a foodie, you're probably going to eat at the hottest gastro pub or know the best place to get pho. you're probably going to spend Sunday morning with your head in the toilet instead of at brunch with the girls.

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I was the proverbial "good girl" attracted to the "bad boy."Like all addictions, this one started slowly.

Hence woman have less muscle compared to man , they need physically strong , aggressive man to defend themselves .

For good looking girls , lots of man are interested in them and sexually harass them , so they need aggressive man to protect them from other males .

I was taught to avoid alcohol, cigarettes, excessive piercings, and wild parties.

I went to church faithfully and prayed regularly--yet I was addicted to men who were completely wrong for me.

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