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"I moved to LA out of a divorce that is not even final yet and I was negotiating out of a record deal. I had more time to audition and practice and go to acting classes and such between record deals."She wrote a script for a sitcom Queen For A Day and appeared in a TV show Raising Dad.

Carter also appeared in cult movie The Badge with singing actor-director Billy Bob Thornton and Patricia Arquette - latter day lead of psychic TV show Medium.

The combination of these attributes with his scientific passion gave him the qualities of a great scientific leader.

Born in Yorkshire in 1923, Denton was educated at Doncaster Grammar School and St John's College, Cambridge, where he read Physics. Hill in the Biophysics Research Unit at University College London in 1946.

"I love [my] character."Furthermore, Smith said that her character practices selflessness and restraint in "Grace Unplugged-" a rarely seen behavior that empowers women in a new way."Current ideas about being a mother are so twisted," she said.

"By keeping her mouth shut, Michelle gives [Jonny] a chance to react differently, she quietly guides them together, in control, respectfully."As the father-daughter relationship deteriorates in "Grace Unplugged," the marriage between Jonny and Michelle is also strained, but faith and determination prevail.

So it wasn't hard for the singer to find fertile phosphate for the videogenic songs that adorn her sixth album The Story Of My Life. "It was risky of myself, creatively, to put myself out there.

But I followed it with my heart." Deana draws parallels between her dad and herself in the title track of The Story Of My Life.

Denton took a Lectureship in Physiology at Aberdeen University in 1948 before moving to the Marine Biological Association (MBA) laboratory in Plymouth as a staff physiologist in 1956.

"I've always heard that once you produce, you never sleep.

By my fifth night of an hour-and-a-half of sleep, it was like, 'This is it.' And I loved every moment of it."At age 17, things start to open up for you in wildly unexpected ways, both trivial and transformational.

He worked on a wide range of fundamental problems from a biophysical perspective, with the common threads of communication and locomotion in the sea, covering areas such as buoyancy, eyes and vision, perception, camouflage and signalling.

An imposing individual, he was a mentor to many biologists working not only in his field but also in the wider marine and geochemical sciences.

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