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” It was this way at the start of every school year. But what I find beautiful about you, the part of you I’m hard for right now…” He reached up and tapped her temple, leaning in to whisper something he knew she’d never heard before, “it’s right here. Ted had been working on his Ph D for a while, because he believed in rigor and quality and that you couldn’t rush knowledge.He weathered the storm of irritations with his characteristic fortitude, eyes trained on his dog-eared Noam Chomsky reader. I’m talking about appreciating their vitality and sensuality, making out with them sometimes if I’m drunk. And then there was that year backpacking in Alaska, which led to the year working at the organic farm….Co-eds filled the place, desperate for their caffeine fix, using high voices to order Starbucks sizes that weren’t even applicable there.

Ted didn’t often discuss menstruation but when he did, he made sure women knew how they were doing it wrong. I’m okay with a woman buying me things.” Elizabeth beamed. “I’m sure that keeps you so busy, but I’m still getting my bearings on campus. “There’s a lot here,” she said, glancing at him, a nervous smile on her young lips, her nipples hard from the chill in the air, which he only thought of in order to offer her his coat, except he wasn’t wearing one.

Nearly 50 artists are featured, from feminist icons like Betty Tompkins and Joan Semmel to emerging names fighting the same fight those women did against censorship and taboos decades ago.

“The goal is that all sexualities are allowed to perform and be themselves freely,” said Leah Schrager, who will display digital paintings manipulated using Photoshop and printed on aluminum.

Since the election, female-identifying artists have joined forces at the Untitled Space gallery in Tribeca to use their medium of choice to rise up and resist, focus on positivity and now, address the double standards and restrictions they face when it comes to their own sexuality.

It’s important to “emphasize how the female gaze on erotic differs than that of the ‘male gaze,’ which tends to objectify women,” gallery founder Indira Cesarine said of “Secret Garden: The Female Gaze on Erotica,” which opens Tuesday.

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