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The 67 on the Red List include some of the best known and best loved birds to be seen in and around Britain including the colourful puffin, the cuckoo and the starling.

The last list was produced in 2009 and included 52 species of birds where numbers are considered to be below historical levels, in serious decline or at threat of global extinction.

"The Pad" would become known as a fortress for "SHAG" to teens in Myrtle Beach, SC... It's a phenomenal dance craze that started in Myrtle Beach in the 40 and 50's.

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So too are puffins, kittiwakes and other familiar breeds of British birds which have been added to the official Red List of endangered species for the very first time.

It means, worryingly, more than one in four of the UK's 244 bird species are now so rare that they have become a cause of concern, said the RSPB charity.

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The bittern was virtually extinct in 1997 when only 11 males were recorded but since then their natural habitat of reedbeds have been restored in many areas and 150 booming males have now been recorded in the UK.Pads should always be used and replaced every 5 years.In between professional cleanings, vacuum on the lowest setting when needed.For spills and stains call Matt Camron Rugs immediately to have the rug professional washed and spot treated at 713-528-2666.Visit our care and restoration page for more information.

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