Wga updating sp3

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A check of Microsoft Update from Windows XP-based systems this morning shows that new components belonging to XP Service Pack 3 have not yet been made available.

SP3 was made available to MSDN subscribers on schedule last Wednesday.

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Windows XP Service Pack 3 Part 1In this article I discuss the two different methods I used to install Service Pack 3 (SP3) and if the results are the same.

The first method will use a clean install of Service Pack 2 (SP2) and then applying the security updates using Windows Update and then applying SP3.

“Despite the fact that we have withdrawn almost 50% of our economic asks, the companies have yet to put an economic offer on the table.

Belarc Advisor: A utility created by Torgeir Bakken (MS-MVP) which is a VBScript that extracts information about installed updates and present them in Notepad.For these tests I used a PC with a fresh install of Windows XP Service Pack 2.The test pc also had a couple of utilities installed.UPDATE with more info: Responding to press inquiries, the WGA says it’s willing to return to the bargaining table “whenever the AMPTP is ready to meet and invites us back” – even as WGA leaders are urging their members to authorize a strike., and even though both sides have now committed to returning to the bargaining table post haste, just how far apart the two sides remain is evidenced by the fact that they can’t even agree about who broke off the talks, with each blaming the other.Even so, it appears that both sides really do believe that the other walked away first – meaning that neither side is lying about it as they prepare to resume negotiations. “Keeping the industry working is in everyone’s best interests, and we are ready to return to negotiations when they are.” The guild sees it completely different, and says they have a tape to prove it.

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