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It's like: ' Well, you could look at it this way: At least you have power over everything else.'". "When the record became the biggest record in our history at that time, I came to him and said, ' Man, you were right.' I learned a lot," said Gordy."I had a big fight with Marvin Gaye about him doing a protest album. After a long and fruitful career, Gordy feels it's about time to step back. I'm not sure I want to do this again, but it is a dream come true for me," said Gordy.also received a nomination for Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy.Anthony's co-star, Tracee Ellis Ross, is also up for a Golden Globe, and her mother, Diana Ross, couldn't contain her excitement after hearing the exciting news about the nomination. Meanwhile, Ashlee's sister, Jessica Simpson, was a bridesmaid while her daughter, Maxwell, acted as a flower girl.

The news comes just a few weeks after the 2017 Golden Globes nominations were announced, with Anthony receiving a nod in the Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series, Comedy category.

"When you think of someone as a princess, the queen of your life, your mind plays tricks on you.

And, of course, she made a joke out of it, and one which we use in the play. "And he said, ' I don't care about no goddamn image, I got a brother in Vietnam and I want to awaken the minds of mankind.'" The success of the album convinced Gordy he had been mistaken.

Ashlee's family played an adorable role in the ceremony.

Her son, Bronx Wentz, had the honor of walking his mom down the aisle.

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